Pastoral Ministry in CALC

Considering its relatively small size, CALC does not have a seminary of its own for training pastors. However, CALC does not necessarily consider that a limitation as that allows CALC's congregations to spread their nets wider to find a pastor aligned with CALC's Confession of Faith.

As well, in cooperation with the Institute of Lutheran Theology this has opened up the opportunity for CALC to introduce a new innovative program for pastoral preparation - called the "Shepherd's Pathway" (SP) - to meet the diverse needs of CALC's congregations, particularly smaller, rural congregations.

Today, many are wondering where all the Lutheran pastors have gone. It is widely acknowledged that the traditional model, its length, and its program are not adequately meeting congregations' needs for pastoral shepherds. The SP model provides an alternative pathway for training pastors quickly, adequately and innovatively.

The SP model encourages congregations to raise up home-growin' pastors from within their midst, not only for themselves but to provide pastors to further the greater mission of the church.

A key feature of the new model is working as you go, learning along the way, and receiving the best possible support and guidance from a mature pastor providing mentorship.

The following schematic provides a quick explanation of the Shepherd's Pathway for Pastoral Ministry in CALC:


Note that the Shepherd's Pathway for Pastoral Ministry in CALC applies to both those who are interested in training so as to enter into pastoral ministry in CALC as well as to pastors who are willing to be called by a CALC congregation.

NOTE: As per notification at the 2012 General Convention, the Shepherd's Pathway is under review and may be subject to modification based upon that review.

We believe, trust and confess that God calls both men and women to the office of the Ministry of Word and Sacrament. The paper "Ordination of Women to the Office of Word and Sacrament - Scriptural and Confessional Authority" was adopted at the 2011 General Convention. Click here to download the document.

Click here to download a document which provides a comprehensive description of the Shepherd's Pathway for Pastoral Ministry in CALC. See page 8 of this document for a brief explanation of each step in the schematic above.

NEW - January 16, 2018: The first step on the Shepherd’s Pathway is the 40-Dy Period of Discernment. The candidate and his/her pastor, spouse and members of his/her congregation participate in a series of 40 devotional readings and exercises. The devotional readings help the candidate to discern the qualities of, or the ‘heart of,” a pastor. Click Here to download CALC’s “40 Days of Discernment – Wrestling With God’s Call to Become a Shepherd.”

Click here to download CALC's "Ministry of Word and Sacrament - Call, Ordination & Installation of a Pastor, Standards, Policies and Disciplinary Proceedures".

Those who are interested in entering CALC's pastoral training program or pastors who are interested in being considered for a call by a CALC congregation are encouraged to contact CALC's President, Rev. Edward Skutshek:
Telephone: (250) 801-3860

Pastors at least 62 years of age seeking a Pastor Emeritus classification in CALC are asked to submit an application, the form for which can be downloaded here.

The application form for entering CALC's pastoral training program can be downloaded here.

For information about CALC's Ministry Training Award, click here. Application form to apply for a Ministry Training Award can be downloaded here.

The application form to be used by a pastor wishing to be considered for a call by a CALC congregation can be downloaded here here as PDF and here as a Word document.

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