CALC's National Council

CALC's National Council is composed of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary as officers along with the members of the Board of Elders and the Board of Trustees.

council meeting The current President of CALC is Pastor Ed Skutshek, Grace Lutheran Church, Kelowna, BC, and Helen Zacharias, a lay member of Christ Lutheran Church, Morden, MB is the Vice-President. According to CALC's Constitution, either at least one or both of the positions of President and Vice-President must be held by a lay person. The current Secretary is Vivien Georgeson, a lay member of Grace Lutheran Church, Kelowna, BC. Brenda Evjen, a lay member Immanuel Lutheran Church of Rosenthal, Stony Plain, AB.

CALC's National Council Contact Information

  • President: Rev. Ed Skutshek: 250-801-3860 - - Email
  • Vice-President: Helen Zacharias: 204-822-4807 - - Email
  • Treasurer: Brenda Evjen: 780-963-8395 - - Email
  • Secretary: Vivien Georgeson: 250-768-6909 - - Email

The National Council functions as the legislative agency of the Association between General Conventions in order to deal with situations which necessitate action before the next General Convention. Legislative acts by the National Council shall require a majority vote of all its members and must be presented to the next General Convention for review. CALC's National Council has adopted "Guidelines for Effective National Council Governance".

CALC's National Council as of 2014

National Council Top row, left to right: Everley Lutz
Pastor Peeter Vanker
Fred Schickedanz
Pastor Ed Skutshek

Middle row, left to right: Ron Voss
Tim Bauer
Art Kroeker (deceased, June 18, 2014)

Bottom row, left to right: Helen Zacharias
Vivien Georgeson
Sherland Chhangur.

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