How to Join CALC

There are two forms of membership, membership as a Member Congregation and membership as an Associate Member.
The requirements for membership as a Member Congregation are as follows:

  • Subscription to the Confession of Faith (Article 3) and the Statement of Purpose (Article 5) from CALC's Constitution;
  • Acceptance of CALC's Constitution and its Bylaws;
  • Participation in the programs of activity approved by the Conventions as determined individually by the local Congregation.

Action taken by a congregation to become a Member Congregation shall be at least by a simple majority vote at a legally called and conducted meeting of the Congregation.
Online form: Congregation subscription form

Associate Membership applies to a believer or congregation who accepts the Confession of Faith (Article 3) and Statement of Purpose (Article 5) of CALC's constitution. An Associate Member has voice but no vote. Online form: Associate Congregations subscription form
Online form: Individual subscription form

Believers or Congregations desiring membership status as members or associate members of CALC shall make application to the National Council by way of the President. The National Council shall approve or disapprove the application. Until the next General Convention, all applications approved by the National Council shall be placed on the roster as Associate Members. The next General Convention of CALC shall act on the application to approve or disapprove the membership status.

Please contact us if you would like information about becoming a Pastor of CALC.